I’m a UK based film and television director with years of experience working in the Britain and abroad. In addition I have worked as a DoP/Lighting Cameraman in the UK, Australia, and many countries around the world.

I’ve made films for networks such as C4 in the UK, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. Additionally I have directed advertising and sponsored content films and campaigns for brands like Sony, Wallpaper Magazine, Paul Smith, AXA, Canon, HSBC, Kellogs, O2 and Toyota.

My role varies from job to job; sometimes prep, shoot and edit. And sometimes more. Many of the projects you’ll see here I’ve taken from idea to script and on to delivery. I have a strong feeling for narrative, and a good ear for character. My years of experience behind the camera mean I have an instinct for coverage and an eye for a shot. I’m adaptable and collaborative, always looking for a way to get the most creative value from any opportunity.

Here’s my resume.